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My Weekend Was Awesome

This past weekend was probably one of the most fun Valentine’s Day weekends of my life!  My life is surrounded in ridiculous hilarity and sometimes it feels like I’m just watching it like a play. Oh, and by the way, I really like lists. No pictures with this post, because (SPOILER ALERT) my phone was... Read more »

Home is where the holidays are

The tree in my parents’ house. Go big or go home! I’m laying in the guest bedroom at my parents’ home in Iowa, and thought I’d put up a post today.  I know that it’s Christmas and the idea is to spend the day playing Scrabble with your loved ones, but I thought I’d send... Read more »

If I die before, I wake...Brittany Murphy dies at 32

  (AP) My generation was one behind the Clueless fanatics, but my sister and her best friend saw it about five times in the theatre.  They took on the lingo and style, which means I (who idolized my older sister) took on the lingo and style.  From mini backpacks and pens with big furry puffs,... Read more »

Worst Christmas Card Ever

For years, my parents would force the three of us girls to write our own year-in-review for the family Christmas mass spam.  We all hated it and the effort would usually result in my parents tearing out all their hair…just in time for the holidays.  Writing my portion of the stunning novella that is the... Read more »