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Facebook won't make you look at your ex anymore

This is awesome.  Mashable reports that Facebook has updated its Photo Memories algorithm to no longer include images where people you have formerly declared a facebook relationship with are tagged.  Yes, that lovely little box was originally intending to remind you of fun memories…unfortunately, that included the happy times you once shared with your former... Read more »

5 steps to breaking up online

5 steps to breaking up online
  The digital age makes a break up a hundred times more difficult.  The only way you can pretend your ex doesn’t exist is if you dig yourself a hole in the middle of the woods and live inside of it for a couple months…leaving all technology behind.  Imagine something similar to Brendan Frasier and... Read more »

Are you in a Facebook Official relationship?

Which one are you? Facebook seriously annoys me.  I’m not sure who thinks I care that they found a purple cow on their corn patch, but I’d like to let them know I do not.  Remember the days when facebook was merely the easiest way to subtly stalk your crushes?  You could find out what... Read more »

Emoticon-ly Challenged: Technology, dating and the smilee Technology changes everything.  With texting, tweeting and facebooking quickly becoming the main forms of flirting (seriously, call me, dudes!), it has become harder and harder to communicate your point effectively.  If you want to send a sarcastic comment or be less serious, you have to teeter around the thin line of emoticons to illustrate... Read more »

Shopping for Boys: The World of Online Dating

I’m a very busy girl.  Let me rephrase that.  I’m a very, very busy girl.  I do my banking online, pay my bills online, keep up with friends online and shop for clothes online.  It just seems appropriate that I should give online dating a whirl. I like knowing that I will have a guaranteed... Read more »