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I Got Drunk On A First Date

Dammit!!!! Patti Stanger would be so mad at me. I’m going to go through a little bit of girly insecurity right now. If you’re not into reading that, you’re going to want to tune out. I went on a first date last night. Well…one of those is-this-a-date-I-think-its-a-date-question-mark type of dates. He paid for the movie... Read more »

Rehab in Chicago - America's Best Party

(Photo Credit: GlitterGuts) Man, I look donkey!! At least, I have nice eyes 🙁 But, Jacob looks HOT and he’s newly single, ladies…… Rehab at Debonair is a troublemaker and Chicago should be proud to have it here.  I have been twice to Derek Berry and Richard Carrico’s night of hipster mayhem and have had... Read more »

Black Wednesday - Let's Party!

Jenny and I at Angels & Kings Omg…I think I just ran into someone I used to date.  I got on the train this morning and accidently bumped into a guy with my RedEye (yes, I really do read it daily).  I haven’t thought about this person in a very long time, but as soon as I passed by... Read more »

Take charge of your cell phone, take charge of your life

The cell phone has ruined dating.  I mean, even Zach Morris used his brick to dupe girls with acts of douchebaggery…very, very pretty douchbaggery, but douchebaggery none-the-less.  I’d almost welcome a phonecall ruse at this point, however…at least it’s a call.  The real culprit, as cellphones are less for emergencies and more a mobile device,... Read more »

Help! My cell phone is ruining my dating life

Stock image My cell phone has a bounty on my head.  Maybe it’s heard me talking about wanting to switch to an iPhone and really peeved about it.  In any case, my mobile has made repeated attempts to ruin my life.  I’m just waiting to open my purse one day and see a poison arrow... Read more »