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Hump Day Soundtrack: I Always Fall For Your Type by Imelda Monique

Drake can basically do no wrong in my eyes.  He’s my new Michael Buble.  This remix of his banger is so painfully beautiful. This song is equal parts hopeful and desperate.  You’ve met someone.  You like them.  You like them more than you’ve liked someone in a long time.  BUT, the last time you liked... Read more »

You Voted and Chose The Next Buble - The Results

As you surely know by now, Michael Buble is engaged, thereby, negating my long-standing Michael Buble rule.  Even while meeting him in the elevator, my girl code kept me grounded………and his amazing looking South American model/actress girlfriend kept him from noticing/caring. Rather than wading aimlessly through the singles pool, I turned to you to pick... Read more »