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Elizabeth Taylor Has Died At 79

Elizabeth Taylor Has Died At 79
Cleopatra – one of Elizabeth’s most iconic roles The stunning screen legend, Elizabeth Taylor, has passed away this morning. I always have an appreciation for a good bombshell and Elizabeth Taylor was one of the original and the best.  A beautiful woman with a difficult personal life, Elizabeth Taylor encapsulates the tragic story of Hollywood... Read more »

Earthquake Rocks Haiti

As I sit snugly in Starbucks writing my post for tomorrow about boys, dating and fun, I can’t help but feel a mixture of extreme gratitude and injustice.  I don’t have any updates on what is happening in Haiti and I don’t know anyone there.  I do know, however, that life happens suddenly. You will... Read more »

If I die before, I wake...Brittany Murphy dies at 32

  (AP) My generation was one behind the Clueless fanatics, but my sister and her best friend saw it about five times in the theatre.  They took on the lingo and style, which means I (who idolized my older sister) took on the lingo and style.  From mini backpacks and pens with big furry puffs,... Read more »