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Homestead: Restaurant Takes Farm To Fork Seriously

If you come for one thing, make it these Double Baked Potatoes.  Everything else is just delicious detailing.  Shoestring potatoes are shaped and baked around a cannoli mold, then the most amazing truffle-goat cheese mashed potato is piped inside.  And then...oh lawd...and THEN, fresh black truffle (not preserved...oh no!) is shaved on top of the gorgeous little cones.  It's decadent.  And it's worth every moment of savoring.  I seriously could've eaten only this, walked out and decided Homestead was my new restaurant North Star.
If I was to impart you with one word of advice, Double Potatoes from Homestead would be it. The new Wicker Park spot is run by the same great dudes behind Roots Homemade Pizza, Fifty/50 and West Town Bakery & Diner.  In fact, the restaurant is situated on Root’s rooftop.  With flora galore, strings of... Read more »

Someone stole all of my Sephora

Someone stole all of my Sephora
I feel like a karmic bank right now… and everyone wants to rob the bank. This past Saturday night, some jerkwad stole my Sephora shopping bag from the bar at GT Fish and Oyster.  Seriously.  Who does that?? Not only had I picked up the biggest bottle of my favorite face wash, Purity  by Philosophy;... Read more »

My Favorite Secret Chicago Spots

First stop on Route 66, you've got to fuel up!  Side note: Lou Mitchell's is awesome hangover food.
Chicago has long been a city of excitement and mystery.  Although I spent my first 17 years in Iowa, I consider Chicago to be my adopted home.  I’ve always preached the awesomeness of Chicago festivals (many of which are free), Movies In The Park, the Lincoln Park Zoo, etc etc etc.  There are just so... Read more »

Girl Crush Gallery: 10 Sexy Chicago Chicks

Angi Taylor - KISS FM Morning DJ: I've been a mega fan of Angi Taylor since the DreX In The Morning days.  Now, she's holding her own on Brotha Fred's Neighborhood.  The girl is smokin' hot, hilarious, married to a dude that rips faces off for a living and can keep up with my ridiculous sassiness.  Fox on, girl.  Fox on!

Plus, she looks like freaking Kate Middleton in this photo!
If I had some sort of Freaky Friday moment and was forced to change lives with another gal for a day, I would gladly choose any of these ladies.  I’m totally crushing on these ten beautiful, talented and interesting women.  Seriously, girls, stop making me look like a sluff!  

Jenny's Leaving Chicago

Jenny's Leaving Chicago
We’re just going to make this a quick one.  I had a going away party last night and my brain is a little……..fried. I am colon-open-parentheses!  Last night was Jenny‘s last night in Chicago before heading out to start a new life back in her hometown.  Since she has been my longest standing friend in... Read more »

Summer Festival: Wine Riot

(sxc.hu) This is what happens when you do random image searches. “Hello, my name is Javier. I am drinking this wine and gazing longingly at you while I step out of the shadows and mist.” As you may recall, I spent my summer of 2009 running around Chicago (my longest lover) through 50 summer festivals. ... Read more »

It's Time To Ditch That Winter Boo

(sxc.hu) Even these bugs are getting into the spirit… The weather is warming up and I couldn’t be more excited.  Not only can I start wearing flirty dresses and heels, but the citizens of this Windy City are all out to get it.  That’s a movement I can get behind! Check out my full rundown... Read more »

Chicago is the third most chivalrous city

Dockers (All Rights Reserved) Is chivalry dead?  That’s what Dockers wanted to know when they marched out into five U.S. cities with a camera and young woman or mature man pulling a teetering stack of files.  The company, best known for its khaki pants, discovered that there are still people out there willing to help out a damsel in... Read more »

Sexy Rx: Your Girlfriend's Favorite Designer

I WILL own this dress. Anna Hovet is your girlfriend’s favorite designer…or so she claims.  This future awesome girlfriend is happy to confirm it.  This weekend, you have two chances to get your best fox on with these fun fashion events.  First, grab your girls this Friday to check out the monthly Pretty in Pilsen, a... Read more »

Project Listen To My Friends: The wingwoman

Samantha, The Ultimate Wingwoman Samantha is the ultimate wingwoman.  I can’t actually think of a night that I have hung out with her and not gotten some smoking hottie’s number.  If that weren’t enough, she’s more than happy to set me up with her male friends…it’s incredible!  Well, I’m not sure she actually intends to... Read more »