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Breaking Up, Cheating, and Heartache

Well…I am certainly in a pickle.  For the past few days, I’ve been debating whether I should say something, and if I did, how should I even say it.  Since this was such a public relationship, I feel like I should provide some closure and finality to the other people who were invested in it.... Read more »

Reasons for the Rule: I Met Michael Buble Last Night

You are never going to believe this. Last night, I went to meet my day job client for birthday drinks at ROOF on top of theWit hotel.  She called me earlier that week to tell me Michael Buble was having a private concert at theWit in conjuction with 109 The Mix.  I’m a hardcore Drex... Read more »

Don't steal boyfriends -- get your own Gavin Rossdale

(Photo Credit: AP) I have a dangerous attraction to very successful, charming men.  You know, the type of guy with swarms of women actively clamoring for his attention.  It’s not that I’m insecure about my Number One status.  I can match my mate in wits and talent.  I look good on his arm.  I’m just... Read more »