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Blackberry Balls: All Text, No Date

Consider this a Public Service Announcement.  I’ve become recently afflicted with a rapidly spreading syndrome called Blackberry Balls.  It is passed on to women of a phone-bearing age by men of a certain attention-seeking type. The male will have an unprotected and frequent textual exchange with the female and, most likely, multiple partners at the... Read more »

Emoticon-ly Challenged: Technology, dating and the smilee Technology changes everything.  With texting, tweeting and facebooking quickly becoming the main forms of flirting (seriously, call me, dudes!), it has become harder and harder to communicate your point effectively.  If you want to send a sarcastic comment or be less serious, you have to teeter around the thin line of emoticons to illustrate... Read more »

Take charge of your cell phone, take charge of your life

The cell phone has ruined dating.  I mean, even Zach Morris used his brick to dupe girls with acts of douchebaggery…very, very pretty douchbaggery, but douchebaggery none-the-less.  I’d almost welcome a phonecall ruse at this point, however…at least it’s a call.  The real culprit, as cellphones are less for emergencies and more a mobile device,... Read more »

Help! My cell phone is ruining my dating life

Stock image My cell phone has a bounty on my head.  Maybe it’s heard me talking about wanting to switch to an iPhone and really peeved about it.  In any case, my mobile has made repeated attempts to ruin my life.  I’m just waiting to open my purse one day and see a poison arrow... Read more »