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Stop Overthinking Everything

I am a chronic overthinker. Here’s the thing about overthinking. The more you think about something, the more likely it is that it will trip you up. My 8th grade teacher told our class that, in multiple choice tests, the first answer you circle is probably right. Statistically, questions that were “reanswered” turned out to... Read more »

Fall Brings Out My Whoremones

Fall brings a few things to get excited about: pumpkin spice lattes, boots, changing leaves and my ovaries going into hyperdrive. Let’s just be honest. My whoremones are RAGING. I’ve been single since May 2012 and I’m finally ready to sign up for one of those boyfriend thingys. I’m really not sure what I’m going... Read more »

ManFreeJan: The Recap

That was one long month.  I almost want to end the post there.  That seems like a pretty good summary! I don’t even mean that in a bad way.  Yes, breaking bad habits is a difficult process, but the amount of time and energy that was free in breaking them made the days stretch on... Read more »

Learning from LiLo's list of romantic disasters

Learning from LiLo's list of romantic disasters
(AP) So, after violating her probation, LiLo is in jail-o. Apparently, we all need to care a lot, unlike her crazy parents who are using it as an opportunity to get interviews on Larry King Live…I guess we all grieve differently. Let’s be fair, we’ve all made some pretty dumb mistakes (before facebook turned your... Read more »

Ana Fernatt: The Boyfriend Whisperer

Tweet from the fabulous AllAboutKelli Last night on Twitter, I came across something that really struck a cord (above).  I completely understand where AllAboutKelli, one of my favorite Twitter chickadees, is coming from…judging by the response, I think there are quite a few of us who understand.  My former flames haven’t gone on to get engaged, but they... Read more »

Losing my 'I Love You' Virginity

(GRTMC) I used a four letter word this weekend and it was a totally new one for me.  When called for, I can swear like a drunken sailor…but not this word, argh!  I’ve always squirreled it away as the most forbidden, terrifying little word.  While others flip it around without much thought or investment, this word... Read more »

RUMOR CONFIRMED: I have a boyfriend, ya'll

( It just goes to show that when you are least expecting it, you find it.  At least, that’s how the Tall, Dark and Handsome (TDH, for short) caught me by surprise.  You may have seen him mentioned previously as Mr. Mystery, but TDH fits him better.  That’s right kids…I am…in a relationship!  Yes, it’s... Read more »

Are you in a Facebook Official relationship?

Which one are you? Facebook seriously annoys me.  I’m not sure who thinks I care that they found a purple cow on their corn patch, but I’d like to let them know I do not.  Remember the days when facebook was merely the easiest way to subtly stalk your crushes?  You could find out what... Read more »

No Sex, No Way

( If one olive oil is “extra virgin”, did the other get to second base? NSFD…sorta…I use the word sex a lot in this one…you’ve been warned…send cookies! Sex is everywhere.  It’s on nearly every episode of every tv show, every song on every album and is the underlying plot line in movies.  I’ve even... Read more »

Defining Your Relationship

( Pop quiz! One answer gets you (NSFD!!) a hot makeout session. The other gets you punched in the face. Don’t have the time to read? Listen to the podcast. You’ve been seeing eachother more regularly.  When you have an event or just want dinner, they’re the first person you call.  When you’re in a... Read more »