My dad's parents are straight from the hills of West Virginia.  My great uncle actually ran a still during prohibition and another great uncle gave my dad a bottle of his own branded moonshine at our last family gathering.  I had a reason to be terrified of this little travel size jelly jar.  In the end, I actually found myself sipping the moonshine, because it was, well, good!  It was very smooth and tasted a little like vanilla.  I highly recommed taking a sip followed by a bit of sauce drenched pulled pork.  The pairing is eye-opening.  Look out for a moonshine cocktail menu very soon!
It’s Friday night, you just got paid.  And, if you’re single, it’s time to get…a Sexy Rx!  It’s a special perscription for that very intimate case of the blues… This week, we did some road research at Lillie’s Q, a brand new BBQ joint in Bucktown.  Hit the jump and get your sexy on. Your Sexy... Read more »