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Meet Ana Fernatt of Accidentally Sexy

I’m excited to announce that I will be reading in this month’s Pungent Parlor, a third Tuesday monthly reading series hosted by Jeff Philips and Jeremy Solomon. I haven’t participated in one of these events in awhile and, honestly, I miss your faces! I’ll be reading a 10 minute essay and hanging out before/after the... Read more »

Kill All Your Darlings

Sometimes I want to burn Accidentally Sexy to the ground. Kill her off. I don’t know if I even remember how to not be this person. In a lot of ways, Accidentally Sexy is a wall that I can hide behind. This girl who’s never felt like she was beautiful or good enough, whose self... Read more »

What Is Accidentally Sexy?

What Is Accidentally Sexy?
Tonight, I sat down and forced myself to update my very, very, very old About Me. It occurred to me that I’ve never really put into solid words what it really meant to be Accidentally Sexy. Since I began the blog in 2009, the term Accidentally Sexy has become so much more than a catchy... Read more »

Introducing The AS Beauty Coach - Becky Hill

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Short story: This is what happens when two girls share a bottle of wine and then realize their computer has a video camera. Becky Hill, the Chicago Glamourpuss, is the newest contributor to Accidentally Sexy.  An incredible make up artist and skin care expert, Becky is going to be making sure the AS beauty regime is... Read more »

Ana Fernatt: The Boyfriend Whisperer

Tweet from the fabulous AllAboutKelli Last night on Twitter, I came across something that really struck a cord (above).  I completely understand where AllAboutKelli, one of my favorite Twitter chickadees, is coming from…judging by the response, I think there are quite a few of us who understand.  My former flames haven’t gone on to get engaged, but they... Read more »