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Street Justice, Mom-Style

Last week, was fucking rough.  And for those of you who frequently read this blog, you know I don’t swear…so…as you can guess, shit got really, really real.  It involved a whole lot of drinking, very little eating and pent up anger that made a cab driver who had tried to scam me well up... Read more »

Single This Season? Five Quick Holiday Tips from

There are too many delicious things in life to spend it crying about what’s not. I love the girls at  They just “get it.” And by “it,” I mean that they know any good relationship starts with having a good relationship with yourself. This is the first lesson you learn when exiting a bad one. Besides, their... Read more »

Dear Guys: Nine Steps To An Awesome First Date

Dear Guys: Nine Steps To An Awesome First Date
( Okay…this is maybe a liiiiiiittle too eager. I went on a first date this weekend and it was really, really fun.  This guy did everything right, which made me realize that I haven’t seen this in a while. A first date should make the girl feel appreciated, respected, lucky and like the guy actually wants... Read more »