3 Sexy Songs You Should Listen To Before Your Date

There I was. Just minding my own business. And this song came up on my Facebook timeline.

And now, it's in my life forever. Just like that.

Isn't that how it always happens? You're just walking your own line, someone crosses that path and then they're there. They weren't and now they are. And it seems like that time where they weren't there doesn't even exist anymore. You start waxing lyrical. Maybe they always were to some degree. Because your paths were meant to cross. Your paths were always headed for each other. So this part where you're together always "was."

Johnny Stimson, who I had never heard of before this song and am now scouring the internet for more, told Refinery 29 that this song is supposed to describe that feeling when"...you are so infatuated and perfectly in sync with someone else that you are a drop that doesn't want to drip. You just hang there in slow motion, and it's good. So good."

...a drop that doesn't want to drip... HOT DAMN.

If there is someone out there making you feel what this song makes you feel, go ahead and sink into that. Slow it down. Enjoy it.

And now that I'm thinking about it, let's get into this.

This song. You guys. I've started listening to it when I'm getting ready for a date. And. Yes.

And yes. This one too.

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