Real Men Dress Nicely

Real Men Dress Nicely
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It's my favorite time of year! Christmas and Thanksgiving are great, but what I'm really excited about is that magical time when No Shave November/Movember and November of Dressing Nicely intersect into a beautiful man-splosion of beards and suits.

Chicago storyteller and Moth GrandSLAM winner Shannon Cason tells it best in his story on WBEZ: wear more suits. Two of my favorite takeaways: 1) don't be afraid of being the smartest dresser in the room, and 2) if you're used to talking to 6s, go ahead and push yourself to talk to 8s. Maybe even a 10. It seems equal parts really obvious and kinda disappointing that it's really that easy, but, when you put some thought into how you present yourself, you really can start upgrading your game. This goes both ways. When I'm trying to get a man's attention, I've found that bright colors and jewelry will accomplish just that. Bangles and earrings are like fishing lures.

Don't wear a suit if you don't feel that. You don't want to be wearing a costume. Dressing nicely means finding a way to express yourself through what you wear. Make it part of your presentation. My ex would wear almost the same thing everyday like a cartoon character, but his style was so distinctly his own that it was one of the sexiest things about him: black skinny jeans, Mishka shirts, the Fuct coach's jacket I bought him for his birthday. He was like a peacock with a switchblade: beautiful and a little dangerous, sexy with an edge.

I like a man who looks like he did something more than just leave his bed and walk out of the house. I like a man who looks like he cares about himself, because a man who cares about himself will care about the woman he's with. If you look messy or underwhelming, I'm going to assume your life is messy or underwhelming. Ain't nobody got time for that! And, as Shannon says, women like men in uniform and a suit is the uniform of a man who has a job. Women love men who have jobs!

Dear Future Misters,

In honor of November, get to dressing nicely. Grow out that beard. And make my day that much brighter.



If you're too busy or too clueless and don't want to look like you're too busy or too clueless, sign up for Trunk Club. They will take care of you, boo.

If you need some inspiration, check out these tres sexy men's style blogs. They're like my version of pornog.


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