Meet Hot Chicago Women Writers

Meet Hot Chicago Women Writers
My editorial calendar. When I started writing this, I was "not going to obey the lines," but, as you can see, I really like order.

This post is for two people. Those who want to network with writers and those who want to see a bunch of babes in one place.

I am incredibly honored to be a featured writer at the Chicago She Writes event happening at American Junkie this Thursday, November 14, starting at 7 pm. You can buy tickets here now. Ticket sales and lists close at 2pm on Thursday, so get to it!

Most of these women are cry-myself-to-sleep beautiful. I pretty much opened this link and considered all the plastic surgeries known and not yet known. Not only are they freaking HOT, but they are smartypants, artistic writer women. Like beautiful powerhouse type women. They've written books, write for awesome newspapers and magazines, host TV and radio shows and all sorts of crazy things. Somehow, I'm also on this page. Scroll down. That's me! I may look like Mowgli with that hair and that leopard print, but I am pretty freaking stoked to be included in this event.

According to Jillian Conley, the sexy lady writer hosting this whole event with B96's Showbiz Shelly and KISS-FM's Jordan, there are more than 200 women already signed up to attend and only about 20 dudes. Two things this should tell you: 1) If you are a women looking to network with other women writers, this will be THE place, 2) If you are a straight guy, this will be a diamond mine. You can buy tickets here now.

For real. I feel really special to be part of this.

This is going to be a big, fun party.


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