7 New Anxieties For Gay People Now That Gay Marriage Is Legal

Gay marriage is now legal in Illinois. It's official.

Over BYOB mani-pedis, the following conversation occurred:

Me: Congrats! They signed the legislation today. You can get married in Illinois now.

BGF: Well. Thanks. Before I could just blame the fact that I wasn't married on it not being legal. It was The Man's fault. Now I'm just single.

I laughed, but it still struck me.

Now that gay marriage is legal in Illinois, and many other states, say hello to this new list of anxieties.

  1. Everyone I know is married. Now what?
  2. Is there something wrong with me? Why am I not married?
  3. How do I even know if I want to marry someone??
  4. Is marriage something I want from anybody at all???
  5. When will I feel ready to "make this legal"?
  6. If I take my boo's last name, what happens to everything I've done with my current last name??
  7. I've been dating someone for awhile. WHEN IS THE DAMN RING SHOWING UP?!

Welcome to the club.


He's going to kill me for doing this, BUT...

My friend is an athletic, well-traveled and very, very successful man in his early 30s. He's looking for a man with an interesting life story, successful career and likes to travel.

I'm not above setting him up. :)

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