This Hot Guy Will Make You Dinner For $50

This Hot Guy Will Make You Dinner For $50
Zak Jablow, aka Professor Fox, just wants to help the homeless and get to know you better. Check and check.

Zak Jablow, also known as Professor Fox, is an early favorite for Hot Chicago Guys I Would Totally Make Out With 2014. Zak, also known as Professor Fox, teaches music business at Columbia and is a successful music producer, working with Kids These Days, Chance The Rapper and Marina City.

Here's where I'm going to do you a solid. Usually when I write about these sexy dudes, my recommendation is just to follow them on Twitter and go foxing. This is going to be a little easier. Zak is working with the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless by volunteering as the "celebrity bartender" on Friday, November 1 at Lucky's in Wicker Park. All of Zak's tips on the night will go directly to the CCH. If you "virtually tip" via this page, there is a whole list of exclusive activities for you and this dude to get more familiar.

My personal favorite:

  • For $50, Zak will make you dinner and you'll get to cuddle with his adorable new puppy. I'm pretty sure there is a Danielle Steele with this exact situation as the pivotal fire starter plot point.

That's not enough for you? Lemme just run through some other options.

  • $100 and he'll write you a song. The last time someone wrote me a song, it cost me six months of dating and many, many braincells to World Star videos. This is a deal.
  • $200 and he'll take you on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Field Museum. You know that Friends episode where Ross and Rachel know... Well, think about that. Also, dinosaurs!
  • $500 and the possibilities are endless.

I'm not going to lie. There's a part of me that doesn't even want to share this info. Beards, glasses and rockabilly haircuts are enough to make me pay attention. Add musical talent and my brain is no. longer. driving. Encouraging additional competition is probably not my best strategy to date, but f*** it. The homeless need some help. My heat wasn't working the other day and I was a giant baby about it. Imagine being stuck without a roof!

I'm conflicted! Don't Jablow him, okay?!

UPDATE: I just donated $20. Give here.


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