Raunch: Tales of Debauchery - Storytelling Event

Just a quickie!

This Tuesday, October 7, I'll be performing at Abbey Pub in Raunch: Tales of Debauchery, a new storytelling series. It will feature the musical backing of The Hung Cats, a jazz/swing trio, that I'm really hoping got their name in the appropriate raunchy way. That would sure add an additional element to the show. Tickets are $5, hugs are free! Doors will open at 7:30 pm and the show begins at 8:00 pm.

For the steadfast Accidentally Sexy readers, I've started using these live storytelling events to share stories that I just won't write about. Maybe they're a little too personal. A little too private. Or, in this case, a little to raunchy, for me to want to leave a permanent internet trail. I let myself be pretty honest and vulnerable here, but sometimes I need to protect the privacy of others or need to think about my future mother-in-law googling me someday. If you want to hear the stories I tell my closest circle of friends, you should definitely come out to the storytelling events.

If you're a fan of the blog and you're looking for something to do, I hope to see you!

I'll use this as my inspiration:

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