Ask Accidentally Sexy: Socializing While Wet

I'm staying in tonight to "write," which naturally means I have absolutely nothing coming to me. That's why I decided to open up the floor via Twitter and Facebook to you guys to see if I could answer any questions.

Here it goes!

Tweet About Raining And Socializing


Hi Meredith!

You've got a couple of options:

  • Pretend you are the girl from The Ring and tell people that the only way they can escape your wrath is by buying drinks. Fear is an excellent motivator for friendship.
  • Loudly announce "When it rains, it pours. Am I right?!" And then ring your hair out on the bar.
  • Drown your sorrows in whiskey.
  • Tell a new friend that you have the secret ability to create storms that only rain on you. It's the worst X-Men power ever.
  • Tell people that you're not actually wet, it's just a tattoo.
  • Act really surprised that no one is clued in on the Wet Rat look. Adding that it was all over Galliano's runways at Fashion Week.

Most of all, just head to the bathroom. Dry your face off and do a quick pat dry of your hair. Swipe on some lip gloss. Order a glass of champagne and just push through it. You'll just be the mysterious girl who was super confident and fabulous despite the fact that she looks like a football team dumped a Gaterade Cooler on her head. They'll be confused. And confusion is your in to wow them.

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