Short Hair Is The S***

Short Hair Is The S***
Short hair, don't care.

After one too many mornings where I would wake up to a 1970s Acme Fright Wig stuck to the top of my head, I chopped my hair off. As much as I would love to say "it's just a haircut," that would kinda be a lie. If you cut your hair to pixie length, there is a part of you making a statement. There's something about it that seems fearless and bold. You're going against traditional stereotypes of what it means to be sexy and there's a little hint of taboo appeal to it.

Although my fashionable friends have been telling me to cut my hair for years, I always put it off. If I'm being honest, I was afraid. I was afraid that I would look like a man, that no one would find me attractive and that I wouldn't be able to do anything with it. As if my shoulder length bob was the only thing keeping me planted in Lady Land and not plummeting into Hideous Monster Spinsterville.

Myth #1: You'll look like a boy. I'm really surprised by how feminine short hair make me feel. In fact, I feel more womanly, feminine and straight up pretty than I've felt in years. I feel more aware of my womanliness. Short hair really draws the eye to the arch of your brow, the point of your nose, the angle of your cheek bones and the gleam in your eyes. It also calls attention by contrast to the soft curves and subtle angles that make it very clear that I am woman. You can't hide behind your tresses anymore. You just give face all day, erryday.

Myth #2: Guys don't like short hair. I can accurately say that is a big fat pile of donkey poo. From this weekend's short hair road test, I'd say it is very much the opposite. Because short hair has an association with being confident and a little ballsy, it attracts a totally different kind of man. Which...let's just be honest...I probably need.  I've been in "serious" relationships with men who bluntly told me that they would dump me if I ever cut my hair. Not only is it really rude, an antiquated world view and a pretty suppressive way to treat your girlfriend, it really hurt the ol' self esteem to have someone tell me our relationship could be fully broken by a bad haircut. Cut it short now and you'll weed those guys out from the get-go.

Myth #3: You won't have many style options. I probably have about two-three inches of hair on my head right now and I've been able to curl it, wear a flapper-style headband, slick it back, blow it out, wear a hat, etc. Not only is it easier to mess with, but it looks instantly chic. Bed head is almost a legit style with short hair.

Let me be frank. Cutting your hair is incredibly liberating. In one instant, you are both smolderingly sophisticated and a total rebel. Not all chick's can pull it off. It's not because their face wouldn't be adequately framed or that the cut wouldn't provide all the benefits that I listed above. Not all women can pull off a pixie cut, because not all women are confident enough. If you're going to have this cut, you've got to be ready to own all the things that come with it. It takes away one more security blanket, meaning that you need to be fearlessly ready to be your badass self.

At the end of the day, it is just a haircut. No haircut is going to be the sole difference between horribly hideous beast and Victoria's Secret supermodel. It's the same with clothes. You can wear whatever you want as long as you wear it like you mean it. It's not the hair. It's the woman within you that's boldly pushing forward and saying "I've got this."

And you know what? Beyonce just cut her hair into a pixie. And I mean...BEYONCE!


If you're looking for a stylist, I fully recommend Julia Pishko at Hairitics. I've been going to Julia for about a year and she is without hesitation the best stylist I've ever had. She can take the photos I give her and translate them into something that works with my face. Plus, she walks her customers through all the steps along the way, so that you feel like you are somewhat involved in the process.

To make a reservation with Julia, call (773) 772-9355.

I was not compensated for that shout out. Seriously. She's just that good.

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