Renaissance Hotels Has The TRIPPIEST Promotion Of ALL TIME

Let me start off by saying that I NEVER win anything. I just won a weekend stay and a friend of mine ALSO won. You probably have a pretty good chance, so click on this link.

Renaissance Hotels is running a contest to win free rooms and vacations via one of the most bizarre and amazing promotions I've ever seen. The contest takes place in a virtual hotel where you use keycards to open hotel doors. Each room plays a totally f-ing freaky video, such as a human marionette or a rose petalled room where CeeLo is wearing sparkly pink pajamas and totally coming on to you. It's very, very American Horror Story. And I love it.


You've GOT to check it out:


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  • Thanks for the heads up. Got a friend to sit by while doing it. Always good to have a guide while tripping like that.

  • In reply to johnpseudonym:

    Hahahahaha! Phew, good choice.

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