National TV Casting Call - TODAY ONLY

A producer from a national TV show on NBC contacted me yesterday and thought some of you ladies might be a perfect fit for an upcoming show. This specific show relates to any women who still communicate with their ex. Maybe you're getting some mixed signals? Maybe there's a part of you that still holds hope? Do you want someone to tell you straight up what is going on?? And what to do about it?!? Goodness knows that I've definitely been there! When you start reading your horoscope in efforts to decipher your ex's mind, things have gone Too. Far.

If so, take this survey and share your story with the producers. Note: Casting is open for this show but they are looking to contact candidates by the end of Tuesday, August 13 so all interested candidates are encouraged to write in promptly.


Potential Guest #1:

  • A girl who is over the age of 22
  • Was previously in a serious relationship, broke up,  and is now communicating with the person she dated
  • This person is still communicating with their ex and can't seem to get over them.
  • The ex-boyfriend somehow manages to always "pull" this girl back in no matter her attempts to move on; these people have engaged in "cycling" after a breakup.

Potential Guest #2:

  • A woman who is over the age of 30
  • Was previously married but is now separated or divorced
  • This woman still communicates with her ex-husband and often accuses him of sending "mixed signals"
  • Needs Steve's help "decoding" or "translating" their conversations

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