Hot Guy Stars In Hot Comedy Show

Hot Guy Stars In Hot Comedy Show

You may remember Donny Rodriguez of Wood Sugars Comedy from my 2013 list of Hot Guys from Chicago I'd Totally Make Out With. And it's true. He, his brother Eliaz and their friend Jeff are super funny, charming, talented babes.

And now, you've got the chance to see them live and in action with Wood Sugars "Freak Show featuring Regular Adults," a sketch show written by Donny and playing at The Public House Theatre. The show is funny, yet honest and looks into the sometimes troubled lives of our grown up selves with a comedy lens. According to Donny, it feels like Accidentally Sexy in stage form...which sounds pretty cool to me.

The opening show is Thursday, August 8 with additional shows falling on the remaining Thursdays in August. Tickets are only $10 and INCLUDE A DRINK. I'm putting that in caps, because that's basically like buying a drink and getting a free show. Think about it. You could go buy a cocktail and get hit on/accosted by the same ol' barflys or you could buy a drink and laugh your face off with attractive people. Your call.

See you there!

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