Aziz Ansari Should Be The Next Bachelor

Aziz Ansari Should Be The Next Bachelor
Aziz Ansari and David Chang at the GoogaMooga Festival (Photo Credit:

This would make my life.

There are currently rumors swirling around reality TV show gossip heads that an actual TV star will be the next Bachelor. With this is mind, conducted a poll to discover who is the early fan favorite to take up this role. Parks & Rec star and cool as f-bombs comedian Aziz Ansari swept up the competition with 29% of the vote. Uncle Jesse came in second with 21%.

I have never really watched that show, but I would be ALL. UP. ON. IT. If Aziz were the star. This is why:

  1. Aziz's last comedy special went into some details about his search for love. It was really honest and, as we are the same age, found myself relating to him a lot.
  2. He is adorable and interesting. I'd put money on Aziz being an amazing boyfriend.
  3. He is respected by really cool, respectable people. That is the sexiest characteristic ever. He is Kanye and Jay-Z approved. That's a really tough crowd. It's one thing to be well-known and a completely different thing to be highly respected. Aziz is both.
  4. I don't know if Aziz came up with this, but the invention of DJ Roomba is one of my favorite TV moments of all time. The only thing better than DJ Roomba is when the ghost of DJ Roomba haunts via Black-Eyed Peas songs. Being followed around by BEP songs is truly my idea of torture.
  5. This is complete speculation, but he seems humble and vulnerable. That's always refreshing to see in an A-Lister.
  6. And, obviously, he would be super hilarious in that role. There'd be a mixture of awkward, genuine and bold moments that would be absolutely incredible.

I would crush hard on Aziz Ansari, but I have a feeling that my 5'10" Amazonian stature might be a little much for him.

If there are any The Bachelor execs reading this post. Please, oh please, oh please, make this happen. This would make the buzz around Sharknado look like a tiny ripple.

I cannot think of anyone I would rather see in the role of The Bachelor than Aziz Ansari. Seriously. Can you?!

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