5 Cheap Date Ideas And How To Make Them Awesome

5 Cheap Date Ideas And How To Make Them Awesome
A couple kissing in Paris. Go on your own scenic tour of Chicago...it's free! (Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kikasso/)

A cheap date idea can be a GREAT date idea. Honestly, all most of us are looking for is some effort. Going on a date with a man who clearly is investing his time in you shows that he values you and that is a really sexy thing.

Elaborate and expensive dates are wonderful, but not everyone can roll with that. If you are watching your funds, you just need to be a little more creative.

A little thought goes a long way.

Cheap Date Idea: Stay in and watch a TV marathon.

How To Make It Awesome:

  • Have your softest blanket laying on the couch. You want her to feel cozy and comfortable, while also encouraging maximum snuggle opportunities.
  • Offer themed snacks. For example, gummy sharks and Goldfish crackers for Shark Week or gold wrapped chocolate coins for DuckTales.
  • Make a "cocktail of the night" and relate it to the show. Perhaps something ghostly white for Ghost Hunters?

Cheap Date Idea: Free Night At The Museum

How To Make It Awesome:

  • Make a "Must See" tour plan. Before your date, spend 15 minutes on the museum's website and figure out a few key exhibits or pieces to see. Maybe they are related to something interesting about yourself or what you know of your date's hobbies. She likes horses? Well, you noticed the museum had a famous Degas equestrian painting. Trust me. Even writing that about a fantasy man makes me fall hard.
  • Give your honest opinion about things. Some things really do look nuts and that reaction you're having may actually be the artist's purpose behind the piece. Museums and art galleries are meant to be a place of discussion. Trust your initial instinct and show of those brains!

Cheap Date Idea: Pack a Picnic

How To Make It Awesome:

  • You're already on your way to greatness by making the effort to pack a picnic. Nice work!
  • Go to the lake or Movies In The Park. We have so many beautiful outdoor places in Chicago. Take advantage of them!
  • Pack mini things, like slices of cheese and crackers. It's fun to have small bites to share.
  • Pack nice glasses and plates. Just say no to paper plates and those red plastic cups. Step it up a bit! You should already have some champagne flutes laying around.
  • Create a special playlist for the night and use your iPhone to set the mood.

Cheap Date Idea: Do Something Athletic

How To Make It Awesome:

  • Rent a pair of Divvy bikes and explore a new neighborhood. Play volleyball at North Avenue. Or grab a basketball and hit up one of the local outdoor courts.
  • Make a friendly wager or play people watching bingo. A little friendly competition is a fun, playful way to create repertoire between the two of you.
  • Bring TWO bottles of water. Like a gentleman. In fact, anything that you bring for yourself, bring for you date too.
  • If you're meeting earlier in the day, show up with a coffee. That is just such a game changing move.

Cheap Date Ideas: Go on a self-guided tour of Chicago

How To Make It Awesome:

  • Check out this post where I outlined my favorite secret Chicago spots.
  • Make it a Chicago-only day with Intellegensia or Metropolis coffee, Tootsie Rolls and Chicago dogs.

What are some inexpensive tricks you like to pull out for a special date?

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