Mike Posner Opens Justin Bieber's Believe Tour Like A Boss

Mike Posner Opens Justin Bieber's Believe Tour Like A Boss
Mike Posner on stage in Des Moines at Wells Fargo Arena.

Mike Posner is currently opening for Justin Bieber on the Believe tour. He is so much more than your average opening act.

I was in Iowa to take my 12 year old niece to her first concert. She was so excited the night before that she compared it to Christmas. I couldn't be happier that Mike Posner was there to ease her into it.

I first wrote about Mike Posner in 2010. I'd love to go full hipster and say that I've been a fan of Mike Posner before he was "cool," but that would be a total lie. Mike has always been cool. Even when he was playing smaller bar/venues and was singing about someone thinking they were cooler than him, Mike was one of the coolest dudes out there with natural talent, chill style and a humble attitude. The sort of humble that only comes when you have confidence in your ability. That is the definition of cool.

It's hard to open a show. It's even harder when the crowd is filled with Bieber Fever. Mike effortlessly warmed up the stadium. Girls were flooding the stage, hands were up, people were jumping and I didn't see a single person sitting. That's the mark of a true performer. My niece even whispered to me that she thought he looked a little like Justin Timberlake. High praise from a preteen girl, I assure you!

When you saw this juxtaposed with Hot Chelle Rae, Bieber's other opening act, the difference between pure talent and a whole lot o'marketing was blindingly obvious. I'm sure Hot Chelle Rae are nice people and the bassist or keyboardist can call me ANY TIME...except they probably won't call me...because I just wrote about how their band sucks. It was like a book of 80s brit punk vomited all over them and then someone just told them to study music via Radio Disney.

At the end of the show, Mike used the opportunity to plant a little worm of inspiration in everyone's ears: "If you work hard, smile and believe, you can make anything happen." My niece was so drawn in that she filmed the speech on her phone. I hope she watches it on repeat. It wasn't just the kids, however, that needed that. I tuned in and tuned in hard. Sometimes even us grown ups need a little reminder.

After going into the crowd to be swarmed by a sea of girls on his last song, Mike saw a dad holding his toddler son. Mike grabbed the kid and told him to get ready to follow him. The two ran up onto the stage, jumped, danced and ran the entire length of the runway. I hope that in 10ish years that boy is marking that moment as the night that changed his life and made him start chasing his music dreams.

Although Mike Posner's music can have some adult content, it's obvious that he understand the importance of growing imagination, hope and dreams in the younger set. That's a person who is fully in touch with his own road. And that is awesome to witness. And can I tell you how many cool points I got when I told her I had hung out with Mike before?!

How was Bieber's show? I love the Beebs. He was pretty late and the crowd started boo'ing while we waited, but my niece and I weren't sweating it. Honestly, it was dumb that people thought the main act would start at the time the tickets say the doors open. It would've been nice if the space between the second opening act and Bieber was a little shorter, but I feel like it's pretty long when I go to most concerts. When Justin Bieber came on the stage, he danced and sang his 19 year old perfectly formed booty off. My niece lost her freaking mind and it was the sweetest thing I've ever seen in my life. I did keep thinking about how insane it must be that for his entire life chicks scream when he takes his shirt off. Can you seriously imagine people screaming every time you take your clothes off? It was all my niece could talk about! No wonder he started his show by gliding down two stories wearing 12 foot robotic angel wings. I'd be doing that too!

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