Everybody's Mad That Justin Bieber Touched The Stanley Cup

Everybody's Mad That Justin Bieber Touched The Stanley Cup
Justin Bieber touched the Stanley Cup.

WTF. It's not like Justin Bieber peed into the Stanley Cup and his touch made the whole thing melt to the ground. I kissed the Cup. Are you mad at me too? I mean, at least he's Canadian. They love hockey!

He's 19. Think about what you were like at 19. I was a total asshat. Now imagine being 19, having loads of money and every time you have ever taken your shirt off (EVER!) throngs of people screamed in delight. It would be a near impossible feat not to be King Doucher of the Douche Brigade.

Yes, descending on the audience wearing 12 foot robotic angel wings was a bit...er...much on the Believe tour. And the 2 minute mini-doc about the hair cut seemed a bit...uhm...excessive. For real, it starts with dramatic music and a boom, boom, boom date. Then, we find out that this was the date he changed his hair style.

I just got back to Chicago from taking my niece to see Justin Bieber in Des Moines. He put on a fun show. My niece was more excited than I have ever seen her. It was adorable. Would I ever want my niece to meet him? Absolutely not, but, I mean, she's 12. I don't want her to be meeting ANY 19 year old boys. I want her to be able to keep that veil of stage presence and reality. It's way more fun that way. After the show, she told me she wished that she could live the concert over and over again. She's planning to save up all her money to buy another ticket. I'm going to let her have that happiness. Like it or not, Justin Bieber is good at his job.

Let's talk about this cell phone video where JB is peeing into a mop bucket. Kinda a dick move. Pretty sure they had bathrooms around, dude. What really struck me, however, is that his friends were toooooootal d-bags. They were the ones talking crap the whole time and one of his little posse was FILMING HIM PEEING! Then, SOLD IT. Can you imagine if you were out with your friends, doing something you know is pretty dumb and find out that they totally ratted you our? That's got to be lonely.

It'd be awesome if he had somebody, a mentor maybe, to kinda reign him in a little. He also probably needs a little room to be that jerkwad kid we all were once. He probably also needs to check his crew for phoneys. It's probably pretty hard for Justin to find real friends or even people that genuinely have his interest in mind.

Saying "F*** Bill Clinton" and being inconsiderate to staff is not really that awesome. I'm a grown woman. I'm not exactly taking my political advice or social cues from the Beebs. BUT, to be pissed that he dared touch the Stanley Cup. That just seems ridiculous to me. There are probably a hundred douchelords that were hanging out downtown when the Cup went on its bar tour who were drinking from the thing, touching it and darn near banging it. The Cup has seen worse.

Super duper fame has to be one of the worst things that can actually happen to somebody.


P.S. This is my niece and I getting ready to go to see Justin Bieber. She wanted to wear matching tutus, which we handmade, and t-shirts, which we decorated with glow-in-the-dark puffy paint. That's what youthful excitement and being a good aunt looks like. You better bet I'm going to be wearing that tank again. It's too cute!

P.P.S. Bieber, if you are reading this, don't you dare take her up on that offer on her shirt!! Lol :)

Bieber Fever

My niece and I getting ready for Bieber.


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  • Being 19 isn't what it use to be... I hope he shows some maturity soon. I'm kinda tired of hearing about his typical teenage behavior.

    ADORABLE PIC! Being an aunt is the best!

  • I am trying to figure out what was so sexy about this story.

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