Wine Riot: Chicago Festival Season Begins

Wine Riot: Chicago Festival Season Begins
Photo Credit: Second Glass

Tonight, we RIOT! We riot with WINE! That's my favorite kind of riot, you guys.

First things first: Nab tickets here. The Wine Riot is taking place at Union Station on May 3 and 4, 2013. Now, let me tell you why you should be there...

  1. Beautiful people. I'm not even joking. Wine Riot is a unique wine tasting experience that manages to bring in the young, fun and pretty. The kind that have good jobs, drink wine and you'd want to take home to mama. Plus, wine goggles > beer goggles.
  2. Over 250 wines to taste and learn's all included with the price of the ticket. Guests can look forward to tasting a bunch of wine from across the globe while tagging, rating and remembering them for later purchase using the free mobile app, interactive booths staffed by the industry's premier wine experts and 20-minute crash course seminars offered throughout the riot from industry experts like Second Glass Founder Tyler Balliet.
  3. Awesome Photo Booth For Boozy Memories. This is how not-uppity Wine Riot is. The photo booth has all types of costumes to choose from and speech bubble signs include wine innuendos like "I spit" and "I swallow." This is not your stuffy wine tasting. The best part is that you can tweet or Facebook the photo immediately out from the photo booth. No waiting. I wish I could find mine from two years ago. They were pretty Wine Rioted.
  4. Fun interactive vendors. At one Wine Riot, they had a postcard booth where I sent my roommates and parents tipsy postcards. My parents never brought it'm assuming it was a boozy doozy. There was also a temporary tattoo station with the greatest temporary tattoos of all time. My friend got a clawing tiger on her tatas and I planted a retro hulu dancer on my forearm. Why? Because everything seemed like a great idea.

Photo Credit: Second Glass

Photo Credit: Second Glass

Extra Special Highlights for 2013: Special Educational Booths

  • Wine Cocktails - Quady Winery will be mixing tasty elixirs made from handcrafted, small batch California Vermouth and Moscatos.
  • Bordeaux Wines – Learn the storied history of France’s most famous wine region and taste these amazing, reinvented, small production wines.
  • Loire Valley – Taste your way down France’s Loire River, through Sauv Blancs of Sancerre, red wines of Chinon, and the tasty and affordable Muscadets wine wines, perfect with seafood.
  • Languedoc - Uncover France’s worst kept secret; the red and white wines of Languedoc are outstanding and super affordable.
  • Bubbly Bar – All Champagne is bubbly, but not all bubbly is Champagne. Taste every major kind of sparkling wine from five countries.

Don't forget. Tickets. Here.

Follow tonight's adventures here as I ramble through my Wine Riot experience and via the hashtag #WineRiot.


Photo Credit: Second Glass

Photo Credit: Second Glass

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