Chuck Testa Taxidermist Commercial Is The Greatest Video Ever

Chuck Testa is a real taxidermist. And this is a real commercial. And it is the most amazing video to ever be shot with a cast of actors on the brink of stardom. I don't really need to write anything here. The video really speaks for itself.

I should probably mention that I found this video via a super cool blog I just discovered called Messy Nessy Chic. If you're into things that are more off the beaten track, you'll love this blog as much as I do.

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  • This (hilarious!) video has been around for some time, and it has been revealed that it knows what it's doing. Basically, some guys were hired to make a "viral" commercial, so all of the humor was invented by dudes who know what's funny on the Internet.

    That said, Chuck Testa is still a real guy, and the video IS funny, so I can only be so bitter.

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