What Are You Doing With Your Life?

Seriously. Tell me about it in the comments.

What are you doing with your life that makes you who you are? What pushes you forward? How are you defining yourself?

I think we could all use a little inspiration right now.

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  • I'm reinventing myself and business yet again I'm writing a new book -"Diving for Olives"-life lessons about alcohol and depression and saving the adverb.....love the idea of asking people how they are defining themselves....should make for great reading - have a great week

  • In reply to Jan Marino:

    Thanks, Jan! And that's awesome about you're new book! Keep us updated. :)

  • Love the comment above by lanemwatson. Hilarious timing.

  • In reply to Andy Frye:

    Omg. Right? Lol. Sorry Mr. Escort Service Spam Comment, but that's getting deleted.

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