Post-It Poetry: I Used To Have A Heart

I was working late a few days ago when a phrase hit me. It sat and rolled around in my head, beating up my nerves and torturing my memories. This phrase was taking up camp. It wanted to trek it's way to my heart and pulse throughout my whole body. I needed to get rid of it. I needed to release it.

As any good writer knows, sometimes you just need to write it out. To make it real. See it in front of you. By taking your thoughts and writing them out, you can make them an object. You can write out more words and combat that object with more objects. What they say about pens and swords is just as real for internal combat as it is for world wars.

So I wrote it out on a post-it:

I used to have a heart, but I haven't felt it beat in a long time.

So there it is. I looked at it for a second. Then another thought leaked through. A question. I ripped off the first post-it and wrote on a second. And as I looked, I felt my body gurgle and shake from the depths of my toes, up my legs and spine, grabbing my heart and finally knocking loose all the pain and loss that ran through my body and sat in my brain. It erupted from the top of my head, gushing down my arms and spilling from my pen.

Here is what I wrote:

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