Love Shouldn't Make You Fall

Don’t fall in love again. Falling is not your style. Best to climb up into love instead. In this way your eyes will be open and your heart will be smart.

I wasn't planning on sharing the reading famed numerologist Yogi Akal did for me, but it's eery accuracy and profound wisdom seemed like something that might help us all to learn a thing or two. Seeking closure from a previous relationship, I asked Yogi to match my birthday with that of a former flame. The majority of the reading, where he acknowledges private things that occurred within the relationship, I will keep to myself. The above is what he revealed to me.

This is something I've never really thought of before. Love seems like this crazy beast of an emotion. You never really know when you'll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it. When you do, you hold on with all of your might. It's like in the Yukon Trail, sibling to the Oregon Trail computer game. Finding gold dust seems so exciting, because it means there might be a nugget nearby. You want that nugget. More often, however, all you'll ever do is find more dust. I don't think I EVER unearthed a nugget playing that game. I would just mine away at gold dust until I had about enough bags to buy my ticket back to California. Good bye, dreams! And, yes, I'm sticking with that reference.

Love has always been this overpowering thing. It hits like a tidal wave and I give all my power and energy to the sea. If you look back at my blog, you can perfectly line up the huge gaps in posts to when I've been in a "serious" relationship. This love things takes over. It's exhausting.

That's not the way it should be. Love should empower you. It should build you up. It should be your muse.

I've always had an attraction to someone on the come up. There's an energy about that stage in someone's life that I find alluring. I love to give, help and propel forward. I want to be part of something with somebody. I want to build the relationship dream team. So I work at it... until there's nothing left for me. Honestly, I think it's because I've always had trouble understanding or believing in my own power. I don't seem to understand how much I'm doing with my life until I see it reflected in someone else's eyes.

Falling implies losing control. That it is accidental and you end up actually going backwards, down or both. Falling lessens you. Climbing up, however, is powerful. It is an active achievement. You have to set your sights on it and work towards it. You have to acknowledge your vulnerability and work through it.

I've never done that.

The idea of going after someone who is "more" seems so outrageous. Why would they ever be interested me? I'm just me. Walking around doing me things. Being all me and stuff. They are "them." They are sooooooooooo "everything." In my head, there is no reason I would ever even appear on their radar.

Be active in your pursuit of love. Think with your heart AND your head. Challenge yourself to be open to matches that you think are out of your reach.

Stop underselling yourself. You have no idea how awesome you are, so stop pretending like your limited view of yourself is everything. You are "more."

We all need to remember this. Download the podcast and listen when you need a boost.


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