Girlfriend Leads Man On Travel Adventure: Incredible Instagram Photos

Girlfriend Leads Man On Travel Adventure: Incredible Instagram Photos
Screenshot of Murad Osmann's Instagram page

I want to be this woman. We all want to be this woman.

Instagram images of Murad Osmann's girlfriend leading him around the world are a profound example of THAT relationship. You know the one I'm talking about. The relationship that's filled with excitement, adventure, passion, and being both playful and freaking gorgeous at the same time. What really draws us in is that this is the type of love story that seems so unreal. It's one of those relationships that you tell yourself is only reserved for movies. That you shouldn't aim for that, because it's pure Hollywood. And then you find out it's reality. At least to someone.

The woman, who's face you never see, pulls her boyfriend by the hand through exotic locale after exotic locale. Since the images are first person perspective, it feels as if we too are being yanked into the adventure. She personifies everything that most women aspire to be. I want her hair. I want her style. Her nail game is ON POINT. Her body is that of a Victoria's Secret supermodel. And she has the confidence to walk around naked during Carnivale in Brazil. If feels like pure fantasy.

She's pulling her man into exciting and new experiences. She's not timid. In fact, she's devouring the adventure and seems to know her way around. She's brave. And her enthusiasm is the sexiest of all. And as she pulls, the photographer seems to only be holding on tighter. There is an exciting tension of "Don't let this woman go!" We all kinda want that. We want to believe that there is something magical about our linking. If we let go or we break our grip, the screen goes black.

I've often said that the fantasy image I drift to when I'm thinking about the idea of falling in love is that of a man taking my hand and leading me through a crowded room. There's something so overpowering about that confidence and take charge attitude. You feel like you are lucky to be connected with this person. This person is somebody who knows what they are doing. They are somebody.

Although I love a guy who knows his way around situations that are foreign to me, maybe I'm approaching it wrong. I'm not a weak girl, but when I enter a relationship I often give the man full lead. When I asked my last ex why he fell in love with me, he said that part of it was because I was so submissive...w...t...FUNK!!! I almost walked out on the spot. I knew that wasn't the me I was familiar with or the me I wanted to be.

You get the sense that this faceless woman wouldn't be any less bold if she was single. She's powerful like that. Lead. Don't follow.

Maybe this is where to begin. Let your intuition and spirit pull you directly to where you want to go. Don't wait for someone else to be your guide. Follow your desires.

And when that plus one comes along. Open his eyes to your world. Inspire him just by being fully and excitedly yourself. Let new discovery make you hungry for more discovery. And that way, you'll be the one that he knows he can't let go.

When we meet, it's going to be so awesome. Let's be adventurers.


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