10 Reasons Everybody Should Go To SXSW

If you've been considering it and need that extra little push, let me throw you off the ledge. You need to go to SXSW. There's just no other way around it.

  1. You can go on the cheap. For as indulgent a trip as it seems, SXSW is probably one of the cheapest vacations you can go on. Once you're there, you will basically be showered in free stuff. Free parties. Free food. Free booze. Tons of promotions. It's not hard to find fun things to do without buying that crazy expensive wristband. Get the wristband if you're looking to go to panels and some events are wristband only, but if you're just there to party...let your wrist go nude.
  2. It's a pure, concentration of creative, talented people. Everyone you meet is involved in the industry in some way. This means that there is an refreshing artistic energy vibrating off the place. It's unlike anything else. And musicians. Musicians are everywhere. Band guys, DJs, rappers, producers...pick your emotional poison.
  3. SXSW a no-fuss way to step out of your box. If you're in Austin for the festival, you probably already have a good handle on what is happening in your city's music and nightlife scene. But what is happening everywhere else? It's a chance to test out new waters while still keeping the floaties on. Make it a point to meet people from different cities and hear music from different scenes.
  4. The parties are insane and they're mostly free. No one knows how to party like creative types. Those are just the facts. Get ready for the greatest time of your life.
  5. SXSW is a style showdown. One of the best parts of SXSW is figuring out what you're going to wear. This is not the time to play it safe. Test out some new looks. Wear whatever it is that makes you feel fiercest. And Austin likes to throw some challenges at you. Is it going to monsoon? Will the sun be about a foot away from my face? Maybe it's windy and cold for no reason? The trendy set see those hurdles as opportunities to look even more gorgeous.
  6. Get your nature girl on. Austin is home to an unreal natural swimming pool called Barton Springs. These waters were considered sacred by the local Native American tribe.Let your body, mind and soul indulge in a little purification.
  7. It's like Mardi Gras for trendsetters and hipsters. Seriously. Picture yourself walking down a crowded street where there is music bursting from every crevice and everyone you pass is in full fun mode. But...wait! You're not just passing any ol' people. That's your internet crush over there! That's your favorite DJ! OMG! Did you see that chick's outfit?! I want! Oh...margarita.
  8. It's kinda like college, but it's okay. And I mean that in the best ways. You wake up when you want. You party all night. You role out of bed in last night's clothes and throw on literally anything your little heart desires to wear that day. You eat random food. You stay in a packed house with all your friends. And then you do it all over again. How many times as an adult do you get to have a totally no-judgement living-like-college week?
  9. You are basically forced to unplug. Let's be honest. This can be really hard to do. I don't care who you are with or where you are, we are all in passionate relationships with our smart phones. But...guess what? With every square inch of Austin filled with an iPhone during SXSW, your hyperconnection to the internets will be forcefully muted. We could all use that from time to time. The fun stuff is happening right in front of you anyways.
  10. The streets are paved with tacos and margaritas. I think this is called burying the lead. Clearly, this is number one.

Now, you want to go, but what should you do while you're there?

We've got tips for you, boo! On Thursday, March 7, I'll be posting tips from Jaime Black, a SXSW expert and the brains behind Dynasty Podcasts. Jaime is a SXSW Conference OG and ridiculously knowledgable about music and the upcoming scene.


Are you going to SXSW? Let me know! We're going to have the best time.

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