Go To Prom With This Girl, Chance The Rapper

Go To Prom With This Girl, Chance The Rapper
This is Chance The Rapper. I totally get it, Nyesha.

Chance The Rapper has been asked to prom by this amazing high school student, Nyesha.

I didn't go to my prom. Partly because I graduated high school in three years and only had one chance. And mostly because I was not cool.

Around that time, I read that Christina Aguilara also didn't get to go to her prom, because of her touring/recording schedule. Instead of just trading proms for red carpet premieres, Christina gave away the chance for a fan to take her to prom as their date. When I read that, I decided that someday was exactly what I was going to do. I had big plans for myself. I always knew things were going to be bigger for me after high school.

Years later, I was attending my little sister's bridal shower and a friend of the family approached me. She told me that her son had confided in her that he would love to take me to the prom. He thought that all the kids would just be so in awe as to how he could get a girl like that. I was super flattered, but had plans that weekend. The next year rolls around and I'm at my sister's wedding. This tall, blond and awesomely goofy guy sat next to me and reiterated that he was a senior now and there was another prom coming up. This time, I went for it.

I loved the fact that I had become this sophisticated city woman who someone regarded as their "ultimate prom date." I had recently started Accidentally Sexy and was really beginning to see some of these aspirations I'd personally had in high school begin to come to life. I had arrived at that moment I had promised myself. I knew where this kid was coming from and I was going to do everything I could to make sure he had a knock out prom.

I decided not to wear a traditional prom dress. I was a grown woman! I wanted to make those high school girls'

This is the only photo I have on my Facebook from that night. I had blocked out my mom and my date's aunt.

This is the only photo I have on my Facebook from that night. I had blocked out my mom and my date's aunt.

heads spin like the exorcist. If he wanted everyone's eyes to bug out and for me to be a total mystery woman, I was going to make that happen for him. So... I wore this little knockout you might recall... in fact, I bought it for that purpose.

When I made the decision to go, my purpose was to give this guy a really awesome prom. I thought I was doing this all for him. Looking back, however, I owe him a thank you. I may have been lightyears past my high school doldrums and I may have been making this glamorous lifestyle for myself. I may not have thought I needed a prom. But I never would have had one without him.

Clearly, Chance The Rapper doesn't have the same motivation as I did. He probably went to 80 jillionty proms. Heck, I'm thinking of throwing one next week and asking him to be my date. Mostly, it's just going to be me dressing up and taking photos of the two of us to send everyone in my high school. That's cool, right?

And Nyesha seems way more awesome than I ever was in high school. (This video is TOTALLY something I would've done though.) She probably could find someone awesome even without taking Chance.

I don't think it's about that.

Whether you go on to a life with thousand red carpet events and you have reasons to dress up in black tie every weekend or this is one of only a few times you will ever get this type of attention, prom is a really special experience. It's part of what it means to grow up. And we should each have the greatest prom we can have.

Thank you for this prom night. I really enjoyed my prom night.


Side story: My old choir teacher was driving the shuttle bus that would take us to post prom. The last memory I really had of her was when I had sassed her something HEAVY. There I was, 24 years old, and at a prom. Needless to say, I said a quick "hello" and scurried to the back of the bus before she could blow my cover in front of my date's friends.


What is your best prom memory? Or if you are going to prom this year, what are you hoping for?

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