BIG NEWS: Tune into KISS-FM on Valentine's Day

BIG NEWS: Tune into KISS-FM on Valentine's Day

It feels little mind-blowing what I'm about to announce.

Tomorrow, February 14, I will be cohosting (COHOSTING!!!!) Brotha Fred's KISS-FM Morning Show, while my girl crush Angi Taylor looks after her hubby for the day. If you're in Chicago, tune your dials in to 103.5 FM from 6 am to 10 am. You can also live-stream the show on I Heart Radio.

I was hoping to be able to throw another Valentine's Day party this year, but I'm going to be traveling for business in the afternoon. This is so much better. Let's throw a national Valentine's Day party for all the Accidentally Sexy guys and gals out there. Wake up, tune into KISS-FM, grab some coffee and let's get to foxing. I'd like to think that I'm not the only one out there living this Accidentally Sexy life, right?

I don't have an "official" currently, so I'm looking to all of ya'll to help bring the Valentine's Day love. You're way more entertaining than a boyfriend, any day. Plus, you all might just be one of my longest'm just saying...roses and champagne would be nice.

Whether you are solo or taken, let's start the morning off in the best Accidentally Sexy fashion.

  • Set your clock radio alarm and let's get our pillow talk on.
  • Live-stream while you get squeaky clean in the shower.
  • Let's chat while you figure out what to wear on Valentine's Day.

Better yet, you can call into the show at 855-591-1035 or text the show at 51035. Tweet @brofroradio and let him know what you're thinking!

I will be instagramming and tweeting my little fingers off, so make sure you keep in touch!

I have been setting my clock radio alarm to the KISS-FM morning show for YEARS now. I am such a big supporter and fan of Brotha Fred's Neighborhood. I swear if I hear this song from Bruno Mars one more time, I may put a pencil through my eardrums...but...other than that! All love.

Also, a very, very, very heartfelt thank you to everyone who let Fred know you wanted to hear me on air. You guys are the coolest. Follow these folks on Twitter. They are super rad: Becky HillEliaz Rodriguez, Brandon Breaux, Vince Vega, Amy Guth, Arturo Funaki, Adam Webb, Connie O'Reyes, Thelonious Martin, Elliott Serrano, Joseph Mainwairing, Kevin Nye, Emily Nejad, Donny Rodriguez, Lindsey Gena and Anna Hovet.


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