Do You Know How Fabulous You Are?

Do You Know How Fabulous You Are?

That's the text I woke up to this morning.

I really thought about it. Do I?

The answer is "no." And I don't think that's uncommon.

I know I'm not a hideous swamp monster, because I manage to go on dates with handsome men. Do I know I'm beautiful? Not really. I know I'm not the dumbest person in the world, because I have a successful career and I went to good schools. Do I know I'm brilliant? I'm not sure. I know I can dress myself, because I walk out of my apartment and am not naked. Do I know I'm stylish? Eh...kinda...I guess?

What gives?

You shouldn't live your life constantly seeking validation, but when it happens...yay! It feels great! Regardless of how wonderfully stunning, fantastic, put-together and incredible you think someone is, tell them that. Imagine that you are giving a really important presentation that you've worked hard on. You give it without a mistake. Then, nobody says anything to you about it. Since you did it so well, they figure you must know how well you did.

Everybody likes to be complimented. It gives you a small vision of what it's like to be outside yourself. You're too busy being you to really understand the impact you have. From this first person viewpoint, you can't actually see the way you fit into a picture. A compliment is a nice little check mark along the way.

I have a post that's been in draft for a few months, where I was trying to address a similar dilemma. My mom had said to me that she wishes I would realize how awesome I really am. That this would somehow change the way I make decisions, the way I choose my mate, the way I walk through life. This was really striking. It's not that I don't believe in myself, but am I really executing on it? What is stopping anyone from walking into a room, thinking "I'm fabulous" and dominating the situation?

I'm not sure if it's self doubt or rather a lack of personal understanding. Even Beyonce had to create Sasha Fierce. She needed a way to view herself from an outside perspective, so she created an alternate ego. The alternate ego's only job is to know how fabulous she is. Anything Sasha does, Beyonce is capable of as Beyonce. It's just a way to find that fearlessness. I guess, that's kinda what I'm dealing with here.

You are more incredible than you will ever personally realize. Find a way to be your own fan. In the meantime, pay it forward. Let people know what you think. If you like their shoes, their hair, their poise, whatever, say it. Be specific and be genuine. You'll make their day.

Either way, a text like that is exactly how every girl wants to wake up. A little reminder from one fabulous friend to another.


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