Food Sexy: Make Your Own Bailey's

Food Sexy: Make Your Own Bailey's

Wanna know something awesome? You can make your own irish cream. You're welcome. Happy Holidays.

Yep, that delicious, creamy, slightly mocha-whiskey flavored booze, Irish Cream Liqueur is an easy-peasy DIY project. The kitchen and I are somewhat long-distance lovers, but even I threw this together without burning my house down. And, let me tell tastes goooood.

All you do is mix everything together. I chose Canadian Club, because, well, frankly, it was on sale. Homegirl is on a budget! But, you can go for any whiskey that you choose. Maybe even give bourbon a shot! I believe the "purists" go for Jameson.

Here I am...ya know...adding some love.

When the liqueur is stored in a sealed container in your refrigerator, it can keep for up to a month. This makes it an awesome gift for your favorite cocktail lover. Wrap a mistletoe or ribbon around the neck of a pretty bottle, add a handwritten note and viola! Personally, I like to invite a handsome man over for movie night and serve a little DIY irish cream on ice or stirred into hot chocolate. Instant boo'd up status!

BONUS: People will think you're some sort of freakin' magician for making this. I just go with it.

Cheers and a duckface adieu!

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