WTF Rihanna and Chris Brown

WTF Rihanna and Chris Brown

Seriously. Seriously???? Chris Brown has broken up with his girlfriend, some random pretty girl, and is back to banging Rihanna in an NYC club bathroom...allegedly...mmhmm.

I don't think I can continue to listen to Rihanna songs for my personal "I'm at the gym trying to run away from this man I want to get over" soundtrack if she keeps going back to some a-hole who has a TATTOO OF HER BEAT UP FACE ON HIS NECK! Read that again. Just W.T.F.

Homegirl has issues.  That's a whoooooole new level of "whips and chains excite me."

I admit it, I used to think Chris Brown was smoking hot. He can dance, he can sing and he has abs like a Greek statue.  But since his fall from grace, I've seen at least a dozen cheap versions of the Brown-ster (at least 10 were Chris himself) that the "I'm a giant douche" side of the scale really has won.

I know I'm not the first to call it, but the similarities between Bobby and Whitney are just way too obvious.

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