Get <3poon'd: Do You Know This Girl?

Get <3poon'd: Do You Know This Girl?
Photo by Dwayne Kuan. Here's a link to the rest of the event photos:


My handsome, successful friend, Philip Chang, met a mysterious blond babe at the Big Shoulders Fund Ball at Adler Planetarium on Friday, September 28. It's a cute boy-meets-girl, boy-thinks-girl-is-pretty-awesome, boy-loses-sight-of-girl story. Let's help boy-find-girl.

If I share this with all my friends and you share it with all your friends, someone is bound to know someone.  Chicago is rrrrrrreally small, you guys. We should ALL gamble on this sort of stuff, ya know.

The scoop!

Here are the deets that Phil was able to scrape together from his memory.  The mystery hottie:

  • Went to Notre Dame.
  • ...
  • ...and that's about it right now.
  • UPDATE: A few more details from Phil about the mystery girl: "She has a great smile, I dig her good moods... I'm drawn to people like that. A lot of guys I know are on the lookout for cool, hot girls. At least I now know where to find one. But, I should have taken better notes. It's my fault and no one else's. I'd still like to see her one more time."

If you are this mystery girl, or you know her, here are a few things you should know about Phil:

  • He's really awesome.
  • ...
  • ...and that's about it right now.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO THE MYSTERY GIRL: This Saturday, October 20, at 11:00 am, Phil would like to take you to Nellcote, his favorite spot for brunch.


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  • You totally have to post the update. I'm a sucker for this stuff!!!!!

  • In reply to The Ink Slinger:

    You and me both. :) Help me get the word out! If I send this to you and you send it to your friends, someone has GOT to know her. Let's make magic happen!

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    My friend Melissa Donaldski has identified her as Cathy Bowers, class of ND 2010!

    Good luck Phil!

  • In reply to Timothy Lewis:

    That's awesome! Tell you friend to tell the lovely Cathy to check out this post.

    Will she accept Phil's brunch invite?

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    In reply to AnaFernatt:

    Any news on this?

  • In reply to Nichole Heilbron:

    Turns out she wasn't feelin' on him.

    I love how Phil took this bold risk though. You've got to make champion plays to make champion wins. :)

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    My friend Melissa Donaldski has identified her as Cathy Bowers, ND class of 2010! Good luck Phil!

  • I have to pose this question: Why did she walk off and leave the party without saying goodbye?

  • I have to pose this question: Why did she walk away from the electric conversation and not say goodbye upon her departure?

  • Was it a costume party.... what!?!? just asking!

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