Can we take the "I'M SINGLE!" down a notch?

Can we take the "I'M SINGLE!" down a notch?
This is how you are coming off!

I'm kinda sick of all these "I'm single and fabulous. I don't need anybody. It's all about me." anthems.  At what point did it become mandatory to be aggressively single?

Good job, great friends, loads of dates or not,  it would be a total lie to say that there aren't times when I feel so lonely that I have to call my mom and cry a little.  My single life is awesome...not because "I don't need no man." It's awesome because I want to do big things and I do them.  We should work everyday to be fulfilled.  Why does that have to directly correlate with whether we're single or not?

The truth is that I want a relationship. I'd love to find a kick ass partnership. I see that as the rumble pack to my Nintendo of lurve. I can still play, but isn't it so much better with added feeling? I thought I had it, guys. I was so close. But sometimes reality isn't what you think it is.

The singleton is hardly sitting at home alone. We go on some great dates with some really amazing guys. It's fun, but it's also exhausting, emotionally and physically. Imagine having to audition a new best friend every. single. day. At some point you just want to say, "alright, forget it. I'm buying a cat, naming it Mr. What's-His-Face and learning how to knit seasonal costumes."  Even when you don't make it to boyfriend/girlfriend level, you have to deal with some sort of "let's stop seeing each other" break up...and that STILL sucks.

The fact is we're not fooling anyone. Quoting Adele is not subtle.  Everyone knows we're going through it, just like they are.  Stop that slightly unhinged need to show everyone "I'm totally okay, guys." and just be okay...with the good, the bad and the crying during Love Actually...with a bottle of yourself. (Hypothetically.)  Feeling doesn't make you pathetic and missing your ex doesn't make you a loser.  It just makes you human.

I don't know if I'll ever find my match. Maybe it'll just be me and a slew of pets. I just know that I don't want to write the final page of my story having done nothing but tell everyone that "I'm fabulous."

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