Someone stole all of my Sephora

Someone stole all of my Sephora
Find those sunglasses!

I feel like a karmic bank right now... and everyone wants to rob the bank.

This past Saturday night, some jerkwad stole my Sephora shopping bag from the bar at GT Fish and Oyster.  Seriously.  Who does that??

Not only had I picked up the biggest bottle of my favorite face wash, Purity  by Philosophy; and my favorite face moisturizer, Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream by Bliss; but I had also found The Red by Sephora, a lipcolor that has been out of stock at every location for MONTHS and treated myself to a super daring orange shade of Yves Saint Laurent’s super, super expensive new lip gloss collection.

If THAT wasn’t enough, it’s also my birthday this upcoming Saturday, June 23, and Sephora had given me a little Brown Sugar lip duo...which I’ve been wanting to try FOREVER!  AND my free sample was an awesome Clinque skincare program.  I can't even remember the last time I was so excited about something I've bought.

Oh wait, I’m not done.  I had placed my favorite sunglasses in the bag so that I wouldn’t lose them.  I had to buy these sunglasses twice, because the first ones my dog ate.  Then, I had JUST recovered them from my friend’s house that afternoon.  It’s not even like they’re Gucci.  They are just cheap, cute sunglasses with a  slight cat eye.  They’re like $12 from Urban Outfitters, but they were sold in I’m out of luck.

I had a really crazy week, I’m dealing with some really poopypants people in my personal life and my freaking birthday is coming up.  I just wanted to do something nice for myself.  Apparently, some random stranger who can afford to dine at GT Oyster and Fish really couldn’t handle the inconvenience of going to the store themselves and decided to just help themselves to a big bag of free.

Here’s the clincher: the day before, I had found a girl’s wallet on the street and hunted her down via a little investigative work.  I then delayed my after work plans so that she could come pick it up.  This is how you are supposed to act in life.  You are not supposed to be a mean a-hole who hurts other people.  You don’t f around with someone else’s guy.  You don’t f around with your super legit chick’s heart.  You don’t take stuff that isn’t yours.  You’re just supposed to be kind to your neighbors and follow that whole “do to others as you would like them to do to you.”  How’d your mama raise you?!

If you found my bag, you could’ve left it at the restaurant with the host.  Or even taken it home, Googled the name on the receipt and found this freaking blog.  I hope you have an allergic reaction to my moisturizer and that the Yves Saint Laurent lip color makes you look like a corpse.

P.S. If you see someone wearing the sunglasses in the above picture, you are welcome to perform a citizen’s arrest.  Or if you know who did this, I hope you are shaming the spray tan off of them.  In the meantime, I’m going to continue to be nice to strangers, say “thank you” to my bus driver and racking up karmic plus points.  Namaste, keep the love flowing.

UPDATE: The amazing people at Sephora read my blog post and have offered to replace all the product stolen.  So awesome!  This company rules.


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    I can totally relate. On 8/23/12 I visited Willowbrook mall in NJ after having an awesome Beauty Adviser at Sephora hook me up with a day/night look for a wedding I was attending that weekend. Now, I wasn't really on a Sephora budget and my instinct knew to stay away and head instead to the drugstore but the look was so stunning I couldn't walk away without the products that made it. So instead of leaving my new goodies in the car in the hot summer heat, I tucked the little bag of treasures into my purse and was off to try my newfound luck on selecting accessories to complement the makeup/dress for the wedding. Sadly, when I arrived home with the accessories, the Sephora treasures were no longer with me. Despite calling all the stores I visited and the mall security, nothing. I am a very careful person and am still not over this. Can't afford to replace the items nor can I let myself on principle because I am somehow feeling like it was my fault and I should have been even more careful! Sighs. I wish I had the same luck as you when I called Sephora. I was happy to hear that your items were replaced though. It's such a crappy thing to have happen. It's been almost a month and I am still not over it.

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