10 Ways To Celebrate National PDA Day Alone

10 Ways To Celebrate National PDA Day Alone

Apparently, it's National PDA Day.  To those of you who never had your science teacher shout this at you and your football player beau (and by "those of you", I mean "me"), PDA means "public displays of affection."  And although Mr. Schumacher may have been trying to dissuade you, today it's meant to be celebrated.  P.S. PDA is good for your health.

Although I loooooove to hold hands or kiss my man's cheek while we wait in line at the supermarket, I am a newly single lady.  The first rule of foxing is "unless he's locked it down, he doesn't get to hold it down."  Basically, if you haven't taken me off the market, you don't get to ruin my game with anyone else that might see us together.  PDA is for VIP status only.

But, hey, I can show myself some love too!  Here's how you can celebrate National PDA Day with a little public affection directed right back at numero uno:

1) Get yourself a mani/pedi

2) Take yourself out to a lux alfresco lunch at a spot you've been dying to try

3) Buy that way-too-expensive beauty product you've been lusting after

4) Wine and cheese for 1?  Yes, please!

5) Try on an expensive dress and tell yourself how hot you look in it

6) Hot yoga

7) Make an elaborate solo dolo dinner

8) Write yourself a love note describing each way that you are totally awesome

9) Get your make up done by this chick

10) Make a bold move on a dude you think is cute.  Why? Because when you love yourself, others will follow suit.

Happy PDA Day, chickadees!

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