Social Media's Prom King And Queen Are Engaged

Social Media's Prom King And Queen Are Engaged

See, I told you!!!  Weird couples ARE happy couples!

This morning, Len Kendall asked Katie Holland to marry him via viral meme and hashtag.  For the social media socialites, there couldn't be a sweeter or more fun proposal.

At the beginning of last year, I met up with Katie, Len and a few other Red Eye Royalty at Rockit for aChicagoThing's 2nd Anniversary Party.  We had a few drinks and shared a cab together to Epic, during which Katie poured all her most embarrassing stories out to Len.  She thought he was cute, but assumed that he was married and off-limits.  She didn't need to impress him.  It was totally cool to lay out a full Seventeen's magazine worth of dirt to her crush.  It didn't really count.  Well...guess what...Len was fully single...up until that point.

I love seeing such a fantastic love come together.  It was only last holiday season that Katie and I watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, drank almond sparkling wine from Cooper's Hawk and talked about our love lives.  Soon after, we embarked on variations of #ManFreeJan.  I'm stoked to have seen this all fall together.

Congratulations, Katie and Len!  This is so awesome.

It is so amazing to see the lives of my friends and loved ones really beginning to take off this year.  It's pretty surreal, but totally amazing.


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  • Wait, I thought prom kings and queens were supposed to be attractive?

  • In reply to gwill:

    That's so shallow, I couldn't drown if I tried.

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