Introducing The AS Beauty Coach - Becky Hill

Short story: This is what happens when two girls share a bottle of wine and then realize their computer has a video camera.

Becky Hill, the Chicago Glamourpuss, is the newest contributor to Accidentally Sexy.  An incredible make up artist and skin care expert, Becky is going to be making sure the AS beauty regime is on point.  From the latest colors and techniques to awesome beauty finds, Becky is the girl with the golden photoshop brush.

Some of you may recognize Becky as one of my Chicago girl crushes.  I'm super excited to have her on the team.  Look for Becky's first post tomorrow.

The original video was 10 minutes long and I've edited it down to a nice 2:30.  Mostly, I had to cut out me laughing hysterically.  I never know what this Glamourpuss is going to say next.


P.S. My hair is driving me NUTS in this video.  I freaking NEED a beauty coach.  Thank goodness for Becky Hill.

P.P.S. All of my thumbnail options for this video where ridic.

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