TONIGHT: Chicago Concert Benefits Gun Violence Prevention

It’s no small secret that every time we have a little bit of nice weather, there is a slew of gun violence throughout the city.  Competing for our nation’s Murder Capital is not something we should be trying to do, Chicago.  This very serious issue recently hit very close to home for known Chicago personality, entrepreneur and all-around awesome dude, Hustle Simmons, who lost his brother to an act of gun violence.  Hustle is not the type of person to sit idle when he knows he can make a difference.  I have never personally met Hustle, but the fact that his reputation has so preceded him really speaks volumes to the type of “make it happen” guy that he is.  And this is why Hustlepalooza was created.

Hustlepalooza aims to both educate the community and raise funds to continue this outreach.  Hustlepalooza is a fusion of talents from major artists, professional athletes, industry professionals, politicians, and community activists.  Itis a full day of community outreach involving Chicago Public School visits, community gatherings, culminating with a special concert at The Shrine, 2109 S. Wabash.

Ticket sales from the concert tonight will benefit MAP, or Mentor and Advocacy Program.  It’s going to be an awesome night.  Let’s make this stand for our city!

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