Get sexy with Johnny Fonseca's Top 5 tracks - #CubicleDanceParty

Get sexy with Johnny Fonseca's Top 5 tracks - #CubicleDanceParty
Johnny Fronesca - the man, the legend

Every Thursday, we aim to bring you some of the best DJs that Chicago has to offer.  It’s a cool way to be introduced to a wide range of faces on the Chicago scene and have an online meet-and-greet in a super low-key atmosphere.  Plus, you just get to listen to some good music.

This week, we’re featuring local legend Johnny Fonseca.  Johnny has been a fixture in the Chicago scene for a looong a$$ time. Disco, house and hip hop music frequent his turntables. And let's not forget that Johnny used to be a professional skateboarder! He's known to run with such crews as TBA, TBC, Dirty 30 and The Brick Heads. Johnny can generally be found anywhere on the 1500 block of Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park.  With residences at People Lounge and Crocodile, Johnny also frequently plays at Rodan and Empire. His influences are Derek Carter, Diz, Raj Mahal and Tevo T. Howard.

By now, you know the drill:

Party Details:

Date: Thursday, September 29     Time: 2:30 p.m. CT

Location: Meet us here :)

Johnny’s Top 5 Sexiest Songs
Sugar On My Tongue - Talking Heads

I'll Be Loving You Always - Stevie Wonder

Fast Money - Roy Ayers

Phantom (Waajeed Remix) - Dede Reynolds

You're Makin' Me High - Toni Braxton


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