F&#% It: It's Friday! I Want To Hear From You + Recent Interviews

F&#% It: It's Friday! I Want To Hear From You + Recent Interviews

Dear Lovely Lovely Lovers, or Fernattics,

It's Friday and I'm getting out of work early today.  Woohoo!  I'm planning to sit on my rooftop, open a bottle of wine and take in the last final drops of summer.  And this has been one amaze-balls summer.  You know when you are a kid and the summer vacation seems to stretch on forever?  I think I discovered the key to this: time never ends when you are throwing yourself into life.

Here are some of the places you may have found me this summer:

  • Interviewed by Jaime Black about nightlife, dating in Chicago and whether being a dating blogger freaks guys out
  • They talked about Blackberry Balls on MOTHER TRUCKING Brotha Fred's Neighborhood on KISS-FM -- I am so awed and thankful
  • Interviewed by Cinema Jaw -- super fun and amazing to do
  • Took part in The Burning of the Apocalypic Bard Letters -- This was live only, but worth a shout out
  • Interviewed three times for Dates With Ever -- once was even a live show (Second link here.)
  • Took part in the You, Me, Them, Everybody panel -- can't a girl do her research and write some material?! Dayumm!
  • Got a puppy for my bday -- If you are ever out in Wicker Park, you will have seen this little nugget causing trouble.

If you haven't already noticed, I also have been writing columns for the RedEye's print edition.  I'm always giving a heads up on Twitter and Facebook when I have one coming out.  There are a few more writing projects on their way...and I'll be sure to tell you when it's safe to confirm. :)

Now for the important part: this blog isn't just all about me.  I write for you.  I come here everyday hoping to connect a little more closely with you.  Tell me what's on your mind!  How was your summer?  Any fabulous romances a-brewin'?  What would you like to see more of on Accidentally Sexy?  Why do you keep coming back?  If I build it, will you come??

Stay tuned.  You and I are going places!



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