On Making The First Move

On Making The First Move
Set your sights on the king. Checkmate. (Flickr Photo Credit: Frank Black Noir)

You have to have the fighting spirit. You have to force moves and take chances.  -  Bobby Fischer

I believe myself to be a very forward-thinking, determined and driven woman.  I'm direct about the things that I want.  I push the envelope frequently.  I'm not limited to the generic rules of dating.  I've paid for dates.  I've been the first to call...well, let's be honest...first to text.  Heck, I've even gone in for the kill a couple times.

Dating is like a game of chess.  You have to make your moves count if you want to capture that king.  I might not be launching my queen into a head-on collision right away (That's a rookie move!), but I'm studying your strategy and testing things out with a few pawns.  You'd be amazed at what you'll learn if you just take a little time to observe.

Dating shouldn't be an instant reveal, throwing down all your battalions just because a sly knight nodded in your direction.  Remember: It's the king you want.  He's the harder to find, rarer piece.  Don't be distracted by all the other players.  The only way you can determine the difference between a pawn, knight, wizard or rook is to watch the way they move.  Don't let yourself be taken down by anything lesser than that one you seek.

I've rushed out too fast before.  I've forgotten to play my other pieces.  And I have lost those games.  The trick is to know that there are so many moves that lead up to that "first move."  That first, genuine, one-to-one encounter.  Once you identify the king amongst the court, go for it with everything you've got.  Nothing you can lose was worth keeping anyway.

Check. Mate.

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