Justin Bieber Just Ruined Dating For Me

Justin Bieber Billboard Music Awards 2011-12

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Dear Justin Bieber, F U.  F U very, very much.

I was mulling through the news this morning when I came across this little nugget.  Apparently, Justin Bieber rented out the mother trucking Staples Center in LA for Selena Gomez, where he had a table set up in the middle of the gosh darn Lakers basketball court.  They then had a romantic steak dinner, before Titanic...yes...flipping TITANIC...started playing on a movie screen.  If it wasn't enough to be Prom King and Queen of the World, Justin Bieber is actually really romantic?!  Who the HECK have I been dating?!?

Justin Bieber is 17 years old, fellas.  And he is doing back flips around you.  Your game doesn't even exist in Bieber's world!!  He's a superstar, which is pretty much enough to get any girl ever.  I mean, Ray J made a sex tape with Kim Kardashian and his biggest claim to fame is being Brandy's little brother.  It's not that hard!  And there Justin Bieber is putting in some real effort.

G D it, Justin Bieber.  Now I'm going to have this going through my head whenever some nice guy tries to take me out to dinner?!  Sure, once a guy flew me in a private plane to get breakfast.  And another took me on a private tour of the Lincoln Park Zoo.  But, seriously!

So now I know that storybook romances do exist.  I can't just discard those crazy fantasies as myth anymore!  Before I could just tell myself that these thoughts were just inspired be romantic movies and that real life doesn't go that way.  If you meet a man in an AOL Chatroom, a la You Got Mail, he will not be Tom Hanks and you will not be Meg Ryan...well, maybe you will...I'm not really sure what she's up to nowadays.  Selena Gomez is out there right now...dating the biggest superstar in the world...and he does really awesome things for her.

Now, I'm not saying I want to date Justin Bieber, but, for Pete's sake (!!!), can't a woman get a little sweeping off her feet?!

Oh, and rumor has it that the whole date was free.  Why is it that when you have all the money in the world, no one will take it from you??

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